In short

Hey, we’re Bryan and Nissa.

We made the lifechanging decision to give up everything for a year and travel the eastern part of the world. Trying to live our dream. Traveling and getting lost in nature has always been a passion for both.

And the most important reason FOOD!

The long one

Welcome to our little website/blog!

You are probably wondering, why now?

There could not have been a better time to make this decision. We are debt and child free, plus we managed to have job security for when we return. It was now or never.

Discussions were had for months, and we started to doubt ourselves. Being tired of doubt, one day we just bought our one way ticket to India and set the entire plan in motion.

What to expect of our blog?

Our current location will always be up to date when traveling to different places. After we visit a location, we will try to write a short and interesting to read blog post about it, including pictures.

Coming soon :

A way to interact with friends and family, by actually taking dares (Travel Dare Us) and filming/photographing the result.