Historical city of Sukhothai

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Why Sukhothai

This small town wasn’t originally on our itinerary, because we didn’t even know about it’s existence. While booking and aranging our upcoming two weeks in Bangkok. The person booking everything for us told us that Sukhothai was a beautiful small village with lots of history. Trying to get away from the mass tourism, we said yes and went there with the bus. The ride was about 8 hours. Luckily we had AC in the bus, but after a few hours it was even getting to cold for us. When we got to the hotel at 7PM we were starving. We went for the night market with high hopes and were not disappointed. We stuffed our bellies once more and headed home for some sleep.

Historical park

The main attraction in Sukhothai is the historical park in the old city. The park had 5 zones, for each zone the entry fee is 100 baht. 4 of the 5 most beautiful temples were in the Central zone, so we decided to only visit this one. Outside of the park there are different bike rentals. We each took a bike for 30 baht and went inside with our tickets. Especially with the burning sun it was impossible to do it by foot, because the park was so big.

We started with the main attraction. The Wat Mahathat. The biggest temple in the central zone where al lot of the building still stood intact. It’s really impressive to see the buildings from the old civilizations still so well preserved. The other temples were still really cool to see, but less impressive than the first one. Because we are not big fans of the history behind the buildings, we didn’t spend a lot of time in the park.

After the park we took our rented bikes to a ‘small’ indoor market closeby. There we got some cheap street food and saw the local people selling their goods in a repurposed fish market.

Evening run night market

We didn’t know that on the same day as our visit to the historical park there was an event planned in Sukhothai. We just arrived at the same spot as the day before and were stunned by the amount of people there. After asking around we got told that it was the night run which is a big event in Sukhothai. Two live bands were performing, there were over 300 food stalls all with different kinds of foods. Impressed as we were with the bands, everyone knows the reason we came to this place. The food ofcourse. After walking the entire street a few times to see what Thailand had to offer this time. We decided on a few portions of noodles (for 10 baht!) and some chicken and shrimp skewers (for 5 baht!). Never in our lives have we eaten so much for so little money, we were amazed.

The next day was just a resting day for us, so we relaxed in the hotel and went for a little walk. When evening fell we were starting to get hungry again so we went to the night market. Our hopes high to finding the same night run market as before. We were not disappointed, the street was filled with people again and with even more food stalls.

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