Tubing in Vang Vieng

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Vang Vieng was all for relaxing

We went to Vang Vieng with high expectations because we’ve read and heard so many good things about it. One of the things we came here for was relaxing. What better way to relax than to go sit in an inflatable donut for the entire day? (tubing) While the river takes you from bar to bar, you can just lay back and enjoy a nice day in the sun. We went tubing the first day in Vang Vieng, with a few guys from Denmark who we met on our trip to Luang Prabang. In total we saw three bars, the last one having a zipline into the river.

The entire event was really wel organized and we were picked up and dropped off back at our hostel. Over 100 people joined, of whom 78 people were Israelis from the same whatsapp group. From all the activities we did in Asia so far, tubing in Vang Vieng takes the cake as most fun and even cheapest. After tubing for an entire day we didn’t really do much else besides sitting an entire evening in a lounge bar/restaurant.

Underwater cave and blue lagoon

The second day during breakfast people from our hostel asked us if we wanted to join them for the underwater cave. We made some rough plans for the day including renting a bike. They were all going by bike to the underwater cave, so we decided to join on their adventure. In front of the cave was a small lagoon where you needed to enter the water and could swim inside the cave. Luckily a few people came prepared with waterproof headlights because the cave was pitchblack and only swimming was possible.

The cave was not that big, but it was really cool to be in an underwater cave and actually swim trough one. After the caving, most people were left with a lot of scratches and cuts from the sharp underwater rocks, us included. But the pain was wel worth the experience! Most of the group wanted to go to the Blue lagoon number 6. We were also planning on going to one of the lagoons, so joined them on the bikes. The ride to the lagoon was horrible with only dirt roads and a lot of dust. Everyone was covered in a thick layer of dirt after arriving there.

The lagoon we went to was still partly under construction so there was almost no one there. Except for a few friendly baby monkeys, who joined us at our table. We ordered some food because it was noon, but it never showed up so after waiting for almost 2 hours we left. At the exit we walked by the kitchen and they had just started preparing our food. Not wanting to wait any longer, we cancelled the orders and went back to the hostel.

Jungle party with our hostel

At the hostel we got cleaned up from our trip and went to the falafel place down the street with some friends. This evening there was supposed to be a giant weekly jungle party. Everyone from the hostel was going and the night started with us all playing games. After everyone got ready we went to a few fun locations before heading to the jungle party. The problem was that we were too tired to join them to the party. After they got picked up by the tuktuk to the jungle, we left back to the hostel.

The next morning everyone slept in late, we had decided to get a rest day. For the rest of the day we did some planning, website and our laundry. Got everything packed in for our next destination; Vientiane.

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